HBSE 11th Model Question Paper 2025 PDF Download

The collection of question papers that were used in the HBSE examinations for class 11 in the previous year is referred to as the HBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 11th. Here is a PDF version of the HBSE class 11 question paper that you may download in order to be ready for your examinations. Should you want to get the highest possible outcomes, you should tackle these Haryana board previous year question papers in addition to class 11 practice papers. Question papers from the last five years of the Haryana board class 11 examination are very helpful to students since they provide an accurate representation of the content that will be on the examination. In addition, the HBSE Previous Year Question Papers for Class 11th with solutions are an essential educational resource that will help you get a perfect score on the examination.

HBSE Question Papers from the Previous Year, Class 11th, along with Some Solutions Are you interested in finding HBSE last Year Question Papers for Class 11th along with Solutions for the last ten years’ worth of question papers? This is what you need to be aware of if the answer is yes. In the context of the Haryana board class 11 examinations, the term “solved question papers” refers to the questions that have been answered and include extensive explanations. In addition, the answers are consistent with the HBSE’s grading plan for the eleventh grade. A large number of educators and educational institutions have released an HBSE 11th question paper with answers in pdf format, which can be simply downloaded from the internet.


Accountancy (Model Paper)Click Here
Accountancy (Marking Scheme)Click Here
Biotechnology (Model Paper)Click Here
Biotechnology (Marking Scheme)Click Here
Biology (Model Paper)Click Here
Biology (Marking Scheme)Click Here
Business Study (Model Paper)Click Here
Business Study (Marking Scheme)Click Here
Computer Science (Model Paper)Click Here
Computer Science (Marking Scheme)Click Here
Chemistry (Model Paper)Click Here
Chemistry (Marking Scheme)Click Here
Dance (Model Paper)Click Here
Dance (Marking Scheme)Click Here
Economics (Model Paper)Click Here
Economics (Marking Scheme)Click Here
Entrepreneurship (Marking Scheme)Click Here
English Elective (Model Paper)Click Here
English Elective (Marking Scheme)Click Here
English Core (Model Paper)Click Here
English Core (Marking Scheme)Click Here
English Special (Model Paper)Click Here
English Special (Marking Scheme)Click Here
Entrepreneurship (Model Paper)Click Here
Fine Arts Hindi (Model Paper)Click Here
Fine Arts Hindi (Marking Scheme)Click Here
Geography (Model Paper)Click Here
Geography (Marking Scheme)Click Here
Hindi Aadhar (Model Paper)Click Here
Hindi Aadhar (Marking Scheme)Click Here
Hindi Elective (Model Paper)Click Here
Hindi Elective (Marking Scheme)Click Here
Home Science (Model Paper)Click Here
Home Science (Marking Scheme)Click Here
History (Model Paper)Click Here
History (Marking Scheme)Click Here
Mathematics (Model Paper)Click Here
Mathematics (Marking Scheme)Click Here
Military Science (Model Paper)Click Here
Military Science (Marking Scheme)Click Here
Music Vocal (Model Paper)Click Here
Music Vocal (Marking Scheme)Click Here
Music Tabla (Model Paper)Click Here
Music Tabla (Marking Scheme)Click Here
Music Instrument (Model Paper)Click Here
Music Instrument (Marking Scheme)Click here
OSS English (Model Paper)Click Here
OSS English (Marking Scheme)Click Here
OSS Hindi (Marking Scheme)Click Here
OSS Hindi (Model Paper)Click Here
Philosophy (Model Paper)Click Here
Philosophy (Marking Scheme)Click Here 
Physical Education (Model Paper)Click Here
Physical Education (Marking Scheme)Click Here
Political Science (Model Paper & Marking Scheme)Click Here
Psychology (Model Paper)Click Here
Psychology (Marking Scheme)Click Here
Punjabi (Model Paper)Click Here
Punjabi (Marking Scheme)Click Here
Public Administration (Model Paper)Click Here
Public Administration (Marking Scheme)Click Here
Physics (Model Paper)Click Here
Physics (Marking Scheme)Click Here
Sanskrit (Model Paper)Click Here
Sanskrit (Marking Scheme)Click Here
Sociology (Model Paper)Click Here
Sociology (Marking Scheme)Click Here
Urdu (Model Paper) Click Here
Urdu (Marking Scheme)Click Here

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